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Day 8: Talking Shop

05 February 2018
The fear of being Nominated is sweeping through the House, the Housemates talk strategy and start to get their game on.

Maybe it was jitters from the Live Show that struck a chord and made them realise that they are actually playing a game but ever since last night, the pairs have been seen dotted all over the House talking strategy, plotting and scheming.


In a very cheeky turn of events, Cee-C and Tobi could all of a sudden be seen mingling with other Housemates, trying to gauge what their plans were and chatting about their various strategies. Last night’s Truth or Dare however, threw a spanner in the works for the power couple when Anto gave Tobi a lap dance causing Cee-C to throw a full blown performance. How is this going to affect their previously strong alliance? This morning saw the pair trying to hash things out and get back to their power status.


K.Brule has been on a rollercoaster of emotion since the party on Saturday night, he was clearly into Khloe who kept giving him mixed signals and he later showed a very keen romantic interest in Anto which was blatantly shut down. After getting a strike last night during the Live Show, Khloe seemed extremely unimpressed with him. Funny how everyone thought Khloe would be the downfall of K_Squared but now it looks to be the complete opposite.


Miracle has openly said that he thinks he will be the one to go home and when Cee-C asked him why he said it was because of his partner. Wow! Even after all the kissing and intimate moments, has Miracle been playing Nina this whole time?


This morning saw Van-Dee getting deep, while the pair sat plotting in the garden you could really feel the apprehension in the air. Last night Dee-One also admitted that he thinks he might be sent home because he “talks too much”.


The Big Brother House was scheme central this morning, Ahneeka told Rico that nobody really has his back. She said she is trying to protect him hence why she is not intimate with him. She believes having a strong alliance means knowing your partners’ weakness and being their strength. The rambunctious Housemate also said she would want them to remain unemotional when Nominating. She thinks they should Nominate based on who brings out the worst in them and Rico suggested Dee-One to which Ahneeka disagreed because she has no issues with him despite his rejecting her.

Plotting and Scheming

Mamma Mia! things are getting heated in the House and everyone is starting to realize that this is not just one long holiday – How do you think the Nominations are going to pan out tonight? 

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