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Day 9: Sexual Consent

06 February 2018
The Housemates enter into a Task discussion around sexual consent.

Today has been action packed, first the wager, HoH task and now Biggie has thrown in another activity to get the Housemates talking.

The Task

We all know that things turn up a few notches in the Big Brother House and there have been instances where consent has been questioned. The topic of Sexual Consent is still highly controversial and can get extremely heated when not dissected properly. Biggie in all his wisdom has handed the Housemates the Task of dissecting Sexual Consent through creating a Radio Drama and Pantomime.

The Dissection

The topic seemed to have hit home because the Housemates dove right in and even brought up instances where they weren’t aware of the lines that had been crossed. Vandora shared her own rape experiences which further broke the shell and allowed the Housemates to drive the topic into borderless dimensions. Though the women, especially Vandora, BamBam, Anto and Princess were the most vocal, the men challenged the narrative and mentioned just how this was often viewed from a single perspective which favoured women as victims and men as perpetrators. It's true that in the world we live in, both women and men are victims, men too can be violated.  

The Action

This Task allowed us to see a different side to team Angelifu (Angel and Ifu Ennada). We saw them assume leadership because of their production background and they began to effortlessly plan their Pantomime. They definitively were in their element. Not only has the Task constructed common ground for the Housemates, it has also helped the two genders to step into each other’s shoes and gist on that perspective.  

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