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Day 79: Mercy Secures A Spot In The Finale

17 September 2019
Today's Diary Sessions birthed Mercy as the first Housemate to make it to the finale.

Biggie asked the Pepper Dem Gang what kind of power(s) they think the Red Box mysteriously retains.

On The Spot

The fear of the name “Ultimate”, had some of the Housemates thinking this week’s Veto Power Holder will have the ability to Save and Replace, thereby automatically putting the Replaced straight into the Eviction den.

According to Elozonam, the certain Housemate will have no Votes and this will result to him or her having the lowest ranking on the Nomination board. While Cindy agreed with Elozonam, she was of the opinion that instead of putting one person up for automatic Eviction, the Ultimate Veto Power Holder will have the power to eliminate two Housemates of his choosing.

Saved Till Day 99

Seyi told Biggie that he believes the Ultimate VPH will yield the command to not only Evict someone on the spot but will also possess Immunity “for life”. This implies that the Ultimate titleholder will be safe till day ninety-nine.

It was almost a song with the Pepper Dem Gang as they all told Biggie the same chorused answer to his question.  To Mercy, she feels bad or the Housemates that are not up for Eviction as they stand a higher chance of Replacing the Nominated Veto Power Holder (if need be).

The Immunity Purchase Fail

During her Diary Session with Biggie, Mercy attempted to make the first Bet9ja reward purchase by buying Immunity for a week. Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough Coins to make the procurement so she went in search of a Housemate who could loan her. Fortunately, Mike came through for her as he borrowed her the sum of a hundred Bte9ja Coins to complete her purchase.

Like the Lion in the jungle, she majestically strolled into the Diary Room to make the first and only Immunity purchase in the Pepper Dem House. Guess what? This makes her the first Housemate to automatically stroll into the final week without the fear of Eviction.

An unlucky Frodd walked into the Diary Room three times and got unlucky those three times. From trying to buy a shared movie luxury with Tacha to trying to treat himself to a spa session and eventually returning with his bag of Coins to secure the Immunity privilege, Frodd’s night spelt unlucky. Poor Frodd… his fellow Housemates did not only put him up for (fake Eviction) but they denied him of his preferred Bet9ja rewards.

The Reward Acquisitions

First, Elozonam walked into the Diary Room to make a purchase of a Showmax movie treat for himself and Diane. You thought that was cute? Wait till we tell you how Diane also walked in immediately after to buy a spa session for her and le boo. Couple goals alert!

Next, Mercy gathered her Coins (and Ike's) and went straight for the kill – Immunity for the thirteenth week. Congrats girl, see you on day 99.

On the contrary, here's what Naaniella thinks. Don't worry, Biggie won't see this...

Speaking of day 99, who else do you anticipate in the final five list?

Source: Twitter - @babyc2020, @MC_Love17, @Chiomah_, @naaniella.

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