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Day 79: Seyi Calls Tacha Bad Energy

17 September 2019
A cooking session this resulted in a bout of verbal exchange between Seyi and Tacha.

It seems the end is not nigh for Seyi and Tacha beef based on their interaction in the kicthen this morning. Here is how it went down:

Kitchen Banter

We know the Pepper Dem Gang don’t joke with food. The many fights they have had were majorly because of food. So it was surprise this morning when the kitchen was overcrowded. With the way Tacha and Seyi were caught up in a grave silence as each was tending to his cooking, we saw something coming. What did not see, however, was the shape it was going to take.

1568730053 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 10.07.35 am

A Hot Verbal Exchange

It all started with Frodd who said that people should allow him to enjoy this week in peace. This statement enraged Tacha, who did not even let him finish before asking him to refrain from referring to her. “Frodd, if you’re going to say anything, you talk to one person...don't include Tacha,” she warned. Omashola was there all along pretending nothing happened. When asked by Frodd why he remained silent, he said, “The pepper is too much for this kitchen.”   

Seyi’s Drama

With only her amidst four men in the kitchen throwing tantrum here and there, Tacha’s only defence was her voice. While Omashola ranted on and Frodd just would not stop laughing, Seyi’s response was a provocative taunt.

In response to Tacha’s “if there is anybody who should shut up, it’s you", Seyi went on slapping his sandals on the floor chanting repeatedly, “far away, bad energy.” If you didn’t hear what he was saying, you would have thought he was trying to kill a cockroach. “They shall not spoil my week,” the resident sugar daddy went on. As if that was not enough, Frodd joined in by going into a feigned trance, saying “amen!” As this went on, Tacha did not stop describing Seyi’s drama with such peppery words as “childish” and “mofo.”

1568730015 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 10.02.38 am

With the way Seyi and Tacha kept playing this Game of verbal exchange, we wonder if they are going to end it soon. Hopefully, they will bury the hatchet as the Game gets intense.

Watch the drama here.

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