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Day 78: The Last Five Standing

16 April 2018
One step closer to victory.

After toughing it out for close to three months alongside complete strangers turned friends (and even enemies) for the mouth-watering Big Brother Naija Double Wahala prize, Alex, Tobi, Cee-C, Miracle and Nina are finally at the finish line. Edging out 15 other very capable competitors to the crown was never going to be an easy task. Our fab five, however, have made it look like a cake-walk.


Although Alex is as old as Nina, she’s often seen as the youngest in the Big Brother Naija House. At just 21 years old, Alex is spirited, young and lots of fun. Many of her fellow Housemates have been quick to dismiss her as childish, however, that very same personality has endeared her to many. Alex’s propensity for experimentation has seen her rock the most jaw-dropping of hairstyles in all the colours of the rainbow, while her playful personality has seen her being crowned Queen of the Shaku Shaku. Apart from being the queen of dance, Alex is the reigning queen of tears. Who will ever forget when she cried for an Evicted Leo? Her alliance with Miracle and Tobi has been one of the strongest and most steadfast of the season (hello, Miralex) and because of these friendships (coupled with her own efforts, of course) she has managed to remain a strong contender. Remember when she was paired with Tobi and he won the Head of House Challenge? That victory alone saved her from going to the gallows that week. With just two Head of House Challenges to go (and with her never having won any), Alex swooped in for the kill and laid claim to the position, guaranteeing herself a Finale finish, before anyone else.


Fierce and outspoken, Cee-C journey has been nothing short of fireworks. From spirited altercations with her fellow Housemates, to a tumultuous “romance” with Tobi that crashed like a runaway train not too long ago, Cee-C has given us nothing but explicit realness. She’s also opened up and revealed a softer, more sensitive side that helps balance out her strong personality and even her relationships. Cee-C has been nothing short of a trailblazer, as evidenced by her giving us the first romance of the season. Even though things haven’t worked out with her one-time beau Tobi, Cee-C continues to play the game on her own terms. Her disagreements with her fellow Housemates have seen her face the Eviction gallows every week since the game started  – and even though she has never won Head Of House and the Immunity that comes with the position, Cee-C has managed to survive the chop every single time. Even being swopped twice during Nominations has not led to her Eviction. Talk about being a survivor.


Our resident Captain of the skies, Miracle, found his groove (and love) relatively early in the game. Just two days after entering the House, Mr Loverman and his girl Nina, gave all of us Double Wahala’s very first kiss. That steamy interlude in the shower gave birth to what is evidently the longest lasting dalliance of the season. Even though Nina and Miracle kept to themselves mostly in the beginning, Miracle was able to find time to play the game. His efforts resulted in important Head Of House victories, that granted him Immunity from possible Eviction, Arena Task wins and much more. Last week alone, Miracle won One Million Naira during the Pepsi Refresh The Mix Task, Two Hundred Thousand Naira during the Sunday Night Wager Challenge and also made a clean sweep at the Payporte Arena Games. When he wasn’t too busy winning Tasks or locked in Nina’s arms, Miracle spent his time cultivating strong friendships, subsequently giving birth to Toralex.  


Nina has had a relatively quiet run on Big Brother Naija. In the beginning, Nina largely kept to herself and tried to stay away from any drama. This gave many the impression that she is a pushover whose only job is to be tied to Miracle’s hip. After being steered in the right direction by Big Brother, a new Nina emerged. From standing up for herself, to expressing her desire to win Challenges, an assertive Nina was back in the game. Her newfound confidence seemed to cause a lot of friction between herself and feisty Cee-C. Remember their nasty food fights? Through it all, Nina has managed to come out on the other side more confident than ever. One event that threatened to leave her completely undone however, is the most recent speed-bump her relationship with Miracle had to navigate. ‘Best Friendgate’ even saw two of the couple’s closest friends, Tobi and Alex, call her “relationship” with Miracle a strategy and nothing more.  Luckily, Niracle’s issues were put to bed and the two are now headed to the Finale, hand-in-hand, strategy or not.


All hail the undisputed HOH King! This 23-year-old boasts the most Head of House titles this season. It goes without saying that his victories have held him in good stead where the Eviction gallows are concerned. Even though Tobi was paired with Alex initially, he struck up a close friendship with Cee-C that eventually gave us this season’s first romantic partnership. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned and the once close pair ended things in acrimonious fashion. Efforts to encourage the two to patch things up have not been fruitful, sadly. Luckily, Tobi has a very strong friendship with Alex to fall back on. He and the 21-year-old have been virtually inseparable since his relationship disintegrated and on any given day, you will find them gossiping in bed. Tobi and Alex were initially paired in the early stages of the game and one of his HOH wins even helped her escape the chop. Tobi earned himself two Strikes, before they game reset following the #BBBringBack announcement.

Last night, Anto, Lolu and Khloe were given the boot, leaving our fab five in the race to the Finale. Watch their chat with Ebuka below.


Alex, Cee-C, Miracle, Nina and Tobi are the finalists for this season of Big Brother Naija. Vote now to make sure your favourite Housemate is the winner! Voting closes on Friday, 21:00 (WAT).  Big Brother Naija is proudly sponsored by Payporte, and is available on all DStv packages, and on GOtv Max and GOtv Plus. For more information on Big Brother Double Wahala follow us on YouTubeInstagramTwitter and Facebook. Tune in this Sunday to see who is crowned the winner!​