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Day 77: “I’ll Give You All My Coins,” Mike

15 September 2019
Without an atom of doubt, there’s truly no Ike without Mike and this conversation between them tells it all.

More Than A Scheme

With eleven Housemates left in the House and the game getting tighter, the Pepper Dem Gang have unleashed their scheming and strategic skills. All week, we had Frodd trying to buy his way into acquiring Bet9ja Coins from his fellow Housemates in order to possess the purchasing power for Immunity.

This morning, Ike and Mike woke up to this same subject on the lips and even though it was a strategic conversation, we couldn’t help but notice the bromance bond between these two. Hopefully, their tie goes beyond the House, perhaps?

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The Currency Confession

When asked about the amount he had in his Coins stash, Ike revealed to Mike that Mercy has all his Coins to which an overly protective Mike told Ike to get his Coins back. “Don’t be stupid, ask her for all your Coins,” Mike sternly told Ike.

On this note, Ike went ahead to tell Mike that he used to keep their Coins in the same purse but after a fight, Mercy usually takes all her Coins back. However, in recent times, she holds the purse to the collective Coins stack.

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Dough Plot

In their conversation this morning, Mike revealed to Ike that he has an agreement with Seyi regarding the allotment of Bet9ja Coins. “If he leaves, I get all his Coins and if I leave after, you get all the Coins,” he plainly told Mike. In other news, with Seyi and Mike being up for possible Eviction today, they’ve decided to increase their friend’s survival chances to the final in the Pepper Dem House.

For some reason, Mike seemed to be enveloped with Eviction anxiety this morning as he went ahead to tell Ike that he had this week to fight for Veto Power, which will leave him with a week for his to buy whatever he deems fit with the Coins.

“I was going to share it between you and Seyi anyway but it would make more sense if one of us is guaranteed survival till the final,” Mike added.

They both attested to the fact that this week will feature a lot of Immunity purchase from the Bet9ja goodie pack, seeing that a lot of the Housemates have been quietly stashing their Coins for this purpose. In addition, Ike said Biggie might surprise them and take away the Immunity from the list, but they discarded the thought straightaway.

To wrap up their conversation, Ike assured Mike that he was not going to be Evicted. “When you survive this week,” we’ll stay till the finals.

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Glam Time

It’s that time of the week where the Pepper Dem Gang get their beauty pampering session, courtesy of Darling Nigeria and Mega Growth Nigeria.

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We’re not sure if it’s the Eviction butterflies or the fact that Mike really considers Ike his brother but we can’t seem to get over the loyalty they share. Don’t you agree?

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