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Day 76: The Saturday Party Aftermaths

14 April 2018
The Housemates have really brought Double Wahala whether it was before, during or after their Saturday parties.

With only two Saturday parties left, we take a moment to reminisce on who and what we’ll miss the most about the Doube Wahala parties.

Whether it was quarrels or playing games, the Housemates really took it to them in making sure we enjoyed the parties and what came after, as much as they did.

The Outfits And Make up

Each Saturday, the Housemates have made it a point to look good in the outfits they were given. Together with the always on point make up, the ladies drove the wheel and took us to envy land, all making it an effortless task. The guys on the other side, have brought boyfriend goals whether with their traditional outfits or just plain pyjamas.

The Cries, Quarrels and Vomits

Looking back, it’s been a roller coaster ride for the Housemates and at some point after a few sips on ‘Victoria’s tears’ some have had moments that they’re rather just sweep under the rug.

Remember the moments between Cee-C and Tobi in the beginning where they would just cuddle after the party and dish out couple’s goals everywhere, weren’t you just envious?

How about the time when Nina and Alex had taken beer for the first time? When all Alex could think of was Leo?

It was all fun and nice but time changed and the wheel turned and all that would come of the Saturday parties would be quarrels, arguments and insults. They say a drunk man tells no tales and the end result of those arguments is still evident today.

Oh, how can we forget the vomits from Rico Swavey and Alex? At least they had solid friendships in the House and they were well taken care of.

The Games

No person is as honest as drunk person and out of the games they played after the parties, nothing came out of the Housemates except sincere honesty.

Truth or dare was one of their favourite in the beginning and it made them open up about each other more. And somehow they learned a few things about one another.

However, with all that said, the Big Brother Naija Housemates made Saturday Nights parties a thing to look forward to.

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