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Day 76: Feelings So Deeply Misplaced

14 April 2018
The fact that Tobi and Cee-C keep making reference to each other proves that they might not be over each other.

It looks like Alex’s intervention did nothing more than have Tobi and Cee-C bluntly talking about their situationship and how it all blew out of proportion as the two seem to have crossed the thin line, making their relationship irreparable.

Hidden Feels

According to the other Housemates, Cee-C has done a bad job trying to hide just how bothered she really is by all the sourness between her and Tobi. Her references, no matter how blatantly disrespectful drip enough evidence to prove the Housemates’ theory about how this isn’t really over. Tobi on the other hand is either hiding it well or really did lose interest in pursuing anything with Cee-C because of the two, he seems to have moved on rather swiftly.  

Toxic Symphonies

Thanks to their dice game, Cee-C and frenemy, Khloe went on to talk about Tobi’s relationship with Alex. Still putting up the unbothered front, Cee-C failed to hide her feelings towards this friendship and threw in the fact that Alex thrives on drawing people in by playing the pity card. She also made mention of how she’d warned Tobi not to bother coming back to her when he’s done with Alex.   

While Tobi is managing their situation well enough, he too seems to find interest in any conversation revolving around him and Cee-C. Earlier yesterday, Alex spilt the beans on how she and the others thought Cee-C really felt about him and how'd they noticed stolen glances While the truth may be a relative phenomenon when it comes to feelings, Cee-C and Tobi seem to be holding onto to something and only they can reveal whether it’s resentment or longing because behaviour had proven to be an unreliable source.

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