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Day 75: A Tug Of Love

13 September 2019
The tug of love continues with Ike and Mercy. Who's right, who's wrong and who needs to do better?

With each passing day, the crack in Ike and Mercy’s relationship keeps getting evident. Most evident crack is the way both of them perceive they are being treated unfairly by each other. Mercy wants to feel and be loved, but that isn’t what she’s getting while Ike believes based on emotional impulses, she goes out of her way to hurt and trigger him. What’s amazing about them is how easily their fights can be triggered. This time it was because of a shower Ike left running

I’m Too Fine For To Be Dealing With This

In a moment of anger triggered by Mercy, Ike finds solace in the bottle and Tacha’s company where he bears his heart out. It seems the stress of having to deal with their frequent fights has started getting to Ike. So much that he is willing to opt out and find a replacement. “I will find another you (Mercy) in a minute,” he said to Tacha. “Dealing with this over and over again is so irritating.”

Singing A Different Tune

Making his way back to the bedroom, Ike switched to a different tune. So much for “finding another you.”

“I don’t like fighting with you… I want you more than anything. I am ready to do anything. I can’t lose you. It’s not just the house, I feel something for you," Ike

Watch Ike Discuss His Relationship With Tacha

Wanting To Feel Loved

“He is not caring at all. I want to feel loved. I want him to go out of his way from me…  I mustn’t be the one to do everything its getting tiring. I am getting really tired... I want to love and be loved back,” Mercy.

As Mike said, it’s the little things and the case of leaving the shower turned on was one of the little things that triggered Mercy and prompted her to eventually opening up to Mike about Ike’s inadequacies especially when it comes to treating her right and making her feel loved.

Watch Her Conversation With Mike

The complaints are the same and so are the results. It gets better for a while and they go back to the status quo. It makes one question if their habits are too hard to break or their love isn’t strong enough. Either way, something has to give. Either they pay attention to the habits bent on ruining their relationships or sacrifice what they strived for weeks to build.

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