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Day 75: Rocking With The DJs

13 April 2018
DJ Spinall and DJ Obi visited the Big Brother House this afternoon and they brought the Housemates gifts.

Pepsi ambassadors, DJ Spinall and DJ Obi visited the Big Brother House and the Housemates got into the groove when they started showing them how the decks work. With all the excitement flying around with having visitors, the Housemates didn’t hesitate asking the DJ’s about their line of work.

Let Me DJ

Part of the visit included showing the Housemates how their decks worked and give them a chance to be the ones connecting the equipment, which came with a few little sound bangs that startled them a bit, but they handle everything like pros. As we’ve seen before, the Housemates aren’t shy when it comes to rocking the dance floor, and this time they didn’t disappoint.

Mood Up

Thanks to the duo’s visit, the mood in the House lighted up as they had spent most of their day sleeping and trying to find missing pieces to a puzzle. Dressed in their Pepsi branded regalia, the DJ’s entrance was also highlighted by the fact that the came bearing gifts for Housemate. Each Housemate got a Pepsi backpack with their face on and hoodies with their names written on the backs.

In between their moments on the dance floor, the Housemates were also in mixing tutorials. DJ Obi and DJ Spinall took time to explain the dynamics involved in making sure everyone in the crowd being entertained is catered for. There was also a window open for one of the Housemates to try spinning the decks which Anto took and for a brief moment others were watching her spin.

Good News

Miracle won the Refresh the Mix task and as a reward, he received one million Naira and he’ll be travelling with the Pepsi ambassadors to the One Africa Music Festival. On top of all the travelling in around the continent and getting all excess VIP treatments, he’ll also get a year’s supply of Pepsi. The rest of the Housemates weren’t left behind, they also got invited to the Pepsi’s Lituation Party.

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