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Day 73: Nursing Feelings

11 April 2018
Housemates praise and poetry seem to really have made waves as the affection kept flowing for a while until the mood flipped back to electric.

My Glass of Happiness

After dinner, Lolu, Miracle and Tobi found bottles of liquid courage in the storeroom that they rushed to pour into individual glasses for their companions. Head of House Alex encouraged Nina to have a drink too, which Anto questioned, fearing to have to stay up all night should Nina throw up. Nina gave everyone assurances that it wouldn’t be the case, and walked into the dressing room where the bottles had been moved to for another serving. Feeling babied and despised by the House, Nina cried over Tobi's shoulder.

Bitter Lovers

Unknowingly she had interrupted a conversation between Khloe and Miracle, whom Khloe was advising to resolve their situationship before the drinks got the best of Nina. Miracle who had been giving Nina the silent treatment until then, got back to his senses and grabbed the drink from Nina’s hands. He told her he didn’t want her to drink for it wasn’t in her habits, to which feeling offended Nina coldly replied by asserting her desire to drink.

On Deaf Ears

In the lounge, Lolu was for the umpteenth time pleading his case to Anto, who seemed the least interested in what he had to say. She made it clear that he had only earned fifteen percent of her trust, and that over the three weeks since she returned to the House. Vexed, Lolu walked to the dressing room to hide the two bottles of liquor from Nina in his laundry bag, with Tobi’s consent.  Tobi who has until then kept his own counsel, used the opportunity to give Lolu some Cee-C Counselling or a rather manly hard talk on how to ignore Anto’s whims.

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