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Day 70: The Food Fights Continue

08 April 2018
The Housemates' issues with food continue and Rico was left feeling some type of way.

After showing so much fun and unity at the party, the Housemates came back and the food fights started again. Unlike the typical shouting and calling each other, this time a lot of shade was thrown and the ears that were supposed to have received the shade, did. Alex has, for a long time according to her, been quite about instances involving the Housemates wasting food. She told Tobi that "since they’ve been back they have been wasting food and that’s not ok" to which Anto quickly defended herself saying she has no business fighting for food.

Catching Feelings

What Alex said hit home with Rico yet it didn’t sit well with him. For the first time, Rico voiced out how saddened by this issue because he knows he’s one of the people who like cooking in the House. Cee-C was the first to advise him to stand up for himself and not let shade get to him. She added that she too had been a victim of the Housemates talking behind her back and that she hoped they leave the House with the prize. Meanwhile, Tobi advised him to let the issue go, and in not so many ways pointed out that the culprit was the Head of House, Khloe.

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