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Day 70: Shoes Too Unique To fill

08 April 2018
Thanks to their unique personalities, the Housemates have all managed to place their footprints on the game.

Despite the constant quarrels that are slowly bearing the fruit of division in the House, Housemates have created a somewhat effective rhythm of tolerance and seem to get along quite well, pretence or not. The differences in personalities have allowed each of them to define their positions in the House and whether they choose to admit it or not, an Evictee’s absence will always be felt. This week, six of the Housemates are up for Eviction and at least one of them will have to kiss their 25 million Naira tagged dreams goodbye. This is how their absence will affect the House.  

Rhythmic Alex

Besides her bold hair, Alex had displayed an even bolder personality and her loud-mouth qualities have seen her fearlessly defending her own honour. There was a time when she let herself go and could only truly find solace in her cocooned silence but if she had to be Evicted tonight, the BBNaija dance would mourn her exit, not to mention her partners in all crimes, Miracle and Tobi.

Confrontational Cee-C

Cee-C is probably one of the least understood of Housemates and her fierce, tell-it-like-it-is attitude hasn’t helped her one bit. Despite being the Housemate with the highest altercation tally, she’s managed to display a bit of sensitivity. While there seems to be a lot of whispering in the House, her absence will equate to the absence of loud and explicit realness.

Lolu The Learned

We bet all our Nairas that none of the Housemates expected Lolu to survive this long due to his awkward intelligence and ‘too good to be true’ demeanour. His reasoning skills have seen him extinguish a number of unnecessary wild fires and bringing order in the midst of behavioural ruins. Should he lave tonight, it’s possible that rationality might leave with him.

Competitive Miracle

Miracle is arguably one of the most evolved of Housemates, from weakling to extremely competitive with one of the highest winning tallies in the House. If he had to leave the Big Brother House tonight, the competitive ‘array’ would take a huge hit and Housemates would let leave their sock on their ankles.

Nina, All Grown Up

Just like Miracle, but at her own pace, Nina has evolved. From silent victim to vocal opponent, she’s been able to find her voice and made it known that she would no longer swallow any rock thrown onto her plate. She has however managed to maintain a level of softness, something that would be very rarely found in the House, should she be Evicted.

Goofy Rico Swavey

Rico Swavey has managed to keep his hands clean even when the House became muddy with drama. Despite his goofy personality, he’s managed to display a more serious facet when calling the Housemates out on their food wasting habits, twice even. If there’s one thing the House will lack should he leave, it’ll be a neutral point of view and comedy.

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