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Day 68: Alex's Boy Dolls

06 April 2018
The boys played Alex's mannequins and she did the most with them.

Thanks to yet another Yes card delivery, the House was fully submerged in laughter as the Housemates had the time of their lives watching the boys strutting their stuff in Alex’s dresses, whipping their heads back and forth while sporting Nina’s wigs and balancing for dear life in their heels.

An Hour on The Throne

Alex was handed an Hour of pure bliss on a silver platter and not a minute was wasted as she used, used and abused of her Throne perks. She quickly came up with the idea of cross-dressing the guys and having them look pretty in her numbers. The sight of Miracle was that of an unhappy purple chandelier as Alex forced him to wear her sponsored sari. He tried to wiggle his way out of the hour long deal but Alex wasn’t having any of it. In fact, she seemed to have been drinking from a mysterious cup of inspiration that had her seeking each one of the guys out.

The Mannequin Parade

Rico Swavey was her second victim. She handed him a tight red number and he looked pretty ridiculous - both descriptions apply. Lolu got the shortest end of the thorny stick as he wasn’t made to wear a dress but he too was a funny sight. Tobi on the other hand thought he’d dodged the feminine highway that the other guys had been forced onto but thanks to Miracle’s constant wailing, he too was dragged onto it and was forced to wear a tight black number and we must say, he looked a muscular mess.

As if that wasn’t enough embarrassment to last a couple of weeks, Alex ordered Nina to bring out her wigs and completed the guys’ fierce looks with dark coloured lipstick. She had them dancing on her cue and screaming her moves onto them when they refused to oblige. While Rico, Tobi and Lolu were participating quite decently, Alex had her eye on Miracle and of the bunch, he suffered a great deal.  

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