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Day 68: Winning The 8-Part Wager

06 April 2018
Th Housemates have won a 100% wager this week.

For yesterday’s Wager Challenge, yet another set of twists were introduced and seeing as a majority of their wars are food related, the Housemates had no choice but to fully engage. Just as it has been during the last couple of weeks, the Housemates were not afforded the luxury of deciding how much they’d put on the line as Biggie had already decided on their behalf. The Challenges were divided into eight uneven parts that were accompanied by cards marked with the chunk of the Wager they represented. Cards 2 and 8 weighed 25%, card 3 weighed a whopping 50% and the rest of the cards had no value attached to them.

Twice The Dunk

Replicating last week’s Task that was won curtesy of Bambam and Miracle, the Challenges were to test the Housemates’ retentive memory, colour and water skills. Anto and Lolu were chosen as the first pair of representatives, Tobi and Khloe being the second and Rico assumed the loner’s responsibility.

The Challenge was relatively easy but proved a bit challenging practically, as the two pairs failed their first and second attempts at cracking the colour coded puzzles put before them. They were to observe the order in which the boards appeared and replicate them on their own boards. Both Lolu and Khloe were dunked twice but managed to escape another involuntary dive as Anto and Tobi finally replicated the colour boards and earned the House the first two Wager cards - card 1 weighing absolutely nothing and card 2 guaranteeing them a quarter of their Wager.

Rico the Great

For the Loner’s Challenge, Rico Swavey was given a rather messy ultimatum. He could either take the Card and forfeit his chances as landing Head of House or retain them and go back to the House bearing absolutely no gifts. He’d opted to go ahead and face the Challenge but when Biggie listed his very limited options, he decided to take one for the team and increase their chances at dodging the hunger bullet.

75 Percent In

This noble act saw the Housemates unknowingly bagging 50% of their Wager, lifting them to the 75% heights and that much closer to a clean win. 25% and 5 cards remain, with a huge chunk already guaranteed, we wonder if they’ll be able to earn the rest of their Wager.

The 100 Percent Dance

The Housemates, after a week long challenge have managed to bag themselves a win on the Wager and the excitement accompanied by dance moves was just too visible to ignore. After finishing their Arena games, Biggie asked the Head of House to reveal what was the last card's value and it was 25% which became an addition to the 75% they had already bagged.

Alex, Cee-C, Lolu, Nina, Miracle and Rico Swavey are up for Eviction. Vote for your favourite Housemate here or via SMS. Voting closes on Thursday 5 April at 21:00 WAT.  Big Brother Naija is proudly sponsored by Payporte, and is available on all DStv packages, and on GOtv Max and GOtv Plus. For more information on Big Brother Double Wahala follow us on YouTubeInstagramTwitter and Facebook.