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Day 67: Down Cebi Lane

05 April 2018
Despite having decided to call it quits, Cee-C and Tobi seem to still be battling their emotional ties.

It’s funny how the one person who always managed to make you feel a million different ways at once suddenly shifts from that, to leaving you feeling void and completely indifferent. At the beginning of the season, Cee-C and Tobi were clearly each other’s muses and despite the fact that Cee-C had displayed a certain degree of reluctance, their differently wired relationship was a definite cause of envy in the House. While it may seem as though the pair has broken away from their toxic union, their being apart proves to be bearing fruit twice as toxic.

Heartfelt Confessions

Cee-C’s semi-emotional revelation of guilt during her Diary session last night, was but one tiny piece of the puzzle, bearing the complete image of how she really feels about her inability to get close to Tobi and share with him what they’d shared initially. While it’s possible that this might as well be yet another slope to her strategy, it was visible that something had gotten to her and she was yearning to distance herself from it.

She’s tried to get through to him but as per her confession, she put her own feelings first and consequently failed to understand him. It is said that silent treatment activates the part of the brain that detects physical pain and is the most painful weapon to ever be used against an emotional partner. As such, it’s clear that Cee-C pain is more than skin deep.

Haven't Let You Go

Tobi on the other hand has always been the initiator and peace maker in their union. He’s had to swallow a lot of low blows and rejections but even that wasn’t enough to swerve his attention from Cee-C. However, even after having decided to let her be and focus on his game, Tobi hasn’t entirely let go of her. Despite the fact that his references aren’t very positive, he continues to talk about Cee-C and she about him. It isn't clear whether Tobi refuses to correctly read the signals Cee-C throws at him or simply isn't aware of them. Whatever the case may be, Tobi has certainly switched off his sensitivity and had adopted an 'I don't care attitude' that isn't a true reflection of how her really feels. Only time can knit their fate.

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