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Day 54: The Many Faces of Rico Swavey

23 March 2018
Rico is an unassuming Housemate who has managed to dodge Eviction and stay low key.

Rico plays an interesting part in the House, he has managed to maintain an air of cool that has kept him safe for most of the game.

Never Nominated

Up until recently, Rico was just that guy who managed to always slide through the Nominations, whether it is his aloof attitude or the fact that he consistently behaves as though he is not a threat, his behaviour has kept him in the clear. This was not the case in the last Nomination session where he was actually the guy in the House with the most Nominations yet once again he will be safe as those happened to be fake Nominations. Ah Rico, luck shines upon you!

Chef Rico

One of things that may be keeping Rico on such neutral ground is his ability to keep the Housemates happy by feeding them. They say a way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomach and Rico sure knows how to milk that. Aside from always cooking he is also caring or at least acting like he is caring towards the other Housemates issues and problems. 

Clowning Around

Another facet to Rico's personality is that he makes people laugh, he clowns around and is not afraid of cracking jokes, pulling funny faces and doing wild and sometimes inappropriate dance moves to get people smiling and laughing. Not to forget that he really turns up when he has a drink or two. 

No Luck With the Ladies

His “nice guy” attitude may work in the above context but there are some cases where it really does not seem to be paying off. Rico has tried and failed with a few of the ladies in the House but to no joy. Ifu Ennada, BamBam, Ahneeka and most recently Alex have all been privy to his advances and have all shot them down. While he may have luck in sliding through Nominations and Evictions he certainly doesn’t seem to have luck with the BBNaija ladies.

What do you think of Rico Swavey’s stance in the House?  

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