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Day 54: At Last

23 March 2018
Having narrowly won the Wager, Housemates had a gripping evening followed by an even more riveting night.

We Came We Saw

Against all expectations, Biggie asked Housemates to dress up to the nines and get ready to enter the Arena for the last round of Championship Challenge. As they walked into the gaming room, realising that Biggie had taken them for a run, Nina asked Biggie out loud why he had them all groomed. It was time to cumulate the records and win the Wager, which thanks to Teddy A, Nina, Miracle and Bambam Housemates narrowly secured during the last three of a nine-part challenge.

We Conquered

On the heels of the Wager win that came after successive flops, more than Diary Sessions it is counselling sessions Biggie held for Housemates. Riding on the wave of excitement, Housemates were cheerful in every way and let Biggie in more than expected. Nina and Cee-C had no intent to settle their conflict, which for now would remain muted yet palpable.  Rico and Lolu admitted to getting closer to more Housemates, while Miracle regretted getting drunk and Teddy A was just feeling the vibe.

Hashing it Out

The rest of the night was all about Cee-C and Tobi trying to sort out their differences. They both agreed that they’re cool but Cee-C isn’t convinced. She spent most of her early night trying to fish out how she really feels but Tobi as he said, he’s being careful and choosing what to respond to and how.

This morning the alarm rang and the Housemates are still under their blankets, it doesn’t look like they are going to go for their training session.

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