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Day 52: The Lingering Drama

21 March 2018
Nina is still feeling low and emotionally cut up after her drama with Cee-C.

Last night was all kinds of emotional peaks and valleys, from the Diary Sessions to cards games and bizarre conversations, the plot thickens in the Big Brother House.

Sad Girl

Nina was still visibly struggling after her fight with Cee-C and the Diary Sessions seem to of made things much worse. She completely opened up to Biggie and did not manage to bounce back after her Session was over. She then went to the garden where she continued crying after which she went to the kitchen and began to cook in a glum manner while everyone else was laughing and being jovial. It did not end there, Nina then went to the bedroom and was counselled by Alex who basically told her she needs to let it all go and stop being down. Alex was the embodiment of strong, positive energy and really exhibited maturity in her conversation with Nina.

The Diffuser

Miracle has played a strange part in all of this drama, last night he was very social with Cee-C and the other Housemates and didn’t really engage that much with Nina, aside from trying to console her while she cried outside on the hammock. When Alex and Nina were in the bedroom trying to sort through Nina’s feelings, Miracle came through and tried to diffuse the situation but did not exactly side with Nina at all. This then strained things even more as Nina said Miracle was trying to vex her and he walked off without solving anything. 

Petty Issues

As the days go on, the tension gets thicker and it is all over very small things. Last night Nina was the target for more drama when Alex ate some food that was meant for Teddy A and Lolu, both the guys then flew off the handle and attacked Nina. They accused her immediately of eating their food and didn’t ask her if she did or didn’t. This then caused Nina to go into another, even deeper fold of emotion. She felt extremely attacked and once again – all of this contention over food.

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