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Day 53: Night Long of Legend

22 March 2018
The Housemates drank the night away while busy with the ‘Real Man’ Task that was sponsored by Legend Stout.

The aim of the Task was to create awareness on the dangers and how to enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly.

Having divided themselves in groups of two; ‘The Judges’ and ‘the ‘Real Man’, the Housemates took turns answering how they might react to scenarios that involved drinking.

Like any setting involving alcohol, there’s bound to be others who emerge more intoxicated than the others. In this case, Miracle and Tobi were the culprits. This led to some of the Housemates, the ladies specifically, questioning the end results of the task which saw Rico Swavey winning.

Legendary Confessions

 The sips on the Legend Stout beer got too much for some Housemates while others saw it as an opportunity to get to know their counterparts a bit more.

Rico Swavey’s questions on the game had more sting and mostly his questions were directed to Cee-C and Teddy A.

“If you were asked to choose, jumping out of a three story building, continue life with your baby mama or start a life with BamBam which one would it be?” Rico asked to which Teddy A, after thinking about it for a bit, replied he’d start life with BamBm.

‘The reason I’d start a life with BamBam is because I’ve travelled the road with the mother of my child before, I know how it is. And also she’s married now’, Teddy A answered.

Meanwhile, when Cee-c was asked if she would be in another similar set-up where Tobi would also be participant, would she choose him or go for a random guy. Her answer was straight forward that she would go for a random guy as she’s dealt with Tobi and she feels she sees no future relations between them whatsoever.

Baby Sitting Much

Miracle seemed to have indulged more than others on the stout which led to him constantly going to bathroom to vomit. However, the whole process was easier for him because his sweetheart was there every step of the way. Despite their differences the night before.

On the other side of the House, things didn’t quite go so well for Cee-C who tried to have a chit-chat with Tobi, who was also overly drunk. One could say it’s normal for her and Tobi to humour each other after two or three bottles. Well, not this time. Tobi told her where to get off and she immediately got the message and never bothered him again.

Some of the Housemates muct be feeling rather rough today, hopefully they get it together in time for Task presentation.

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