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Day 51: Cee-C's Bad Behaviour

20 March 2018
After an explosive argument with Nina in the kitchen, Cee-C gets the whole House in a storm.

Whether it was the excitement from the evening's events, the alcohol provided by Biggie or just plain envy, last night Cee-C was on an absolute rampage with Nina as her main target. She must of regretted being the resident chef last night because it could of been the most dramatic dinner in the House yet.

Chaos is a Ladder

Last night turned into a furnace within minutes after completing the Lumapil Task. It was all smiles and jeers and laughs one minute and the next it was utter craziness. Cee-C had been provoking Nina all day but things finally came to a head in the kitchen when Cee-C blew up, she insulted Nina and Nina retaliated, at one point there were even threats of physical harm and the whole House had to spring to action to calm the two ladies down and prevent any serious damage. It seems that Cee-C wanted something like this to occur all day and used the excuse of Nina giving Miracle the biggest piece of meat as a catalyst for her angry exposé’.

Stomping out Fires

As Cee-C stormed off outside, this caused different Housemates to spring to the aid of both ladies. Initially Alex jumped into the argument but quickly backed off and tried to calm the situation down. Later Teddy A listened to Cee-C’s side of the story outside while smoking a cigarette. Rico Swavey was very much on the side of Nina as he thought Cee-C was being rather wild but also realised his place soon in and backed off. However, the most interesting gist of the night was when Miracle went to Cee-C alone to sort out the beef, he told Cee-C straight that he does not trust her and they slowly started to hash through their issues with a few laughs. Miracle However looked as though he was doing it more to protect Nina than to get close to Cee-C who barely let him get a word in. Lolu also immediately ran to Cee-C's aid, even after Nominating her in the Diary Room earlier that night. In a very Machiavellian fashion, he then ran over to Nina to get her side of the story.


After the massive fight, the food was ready and all the Housemates gathered in the kitchen to grab some food. Nina and Cee-C did not resolve their issue and this led to everyone scattering around the House to eat without the awkward tension that riddled the air.

Is this all a part of Cee-C’s strategy or is she just plain envious of Nina?

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