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Day 50: The X-Files

19 March 2018
If ex-Housemates were to come back in the House, how would they play their game?

You will be able to bring back two Housemates into the House. Use #BBBringBack to tell us who you will be Voting to bring back into the House next week.  Based on their last statements upon leaving the House, we’ve wondered how former Housemates would elevate their game were they to come back:

Ahneeka: Would you go all in solo or would like to be paired again?  

Angel: Did you realise that Housemates could actually direct themselves and act for themselves?

Anto: If Tobi was not ‘childish’ as you said, would you take a chance on him?

Bitto: Would you still keep talking with your radio voice?

Dee-One: What would you do differently now? 

Ifu Ennada: Having seen who Nominated you, how would you play your game going forward?

K.Brule:  How would you make sure to keep your emotions together now?

Khloe: Would you pursue Lolu now that Anto is out of the picture?

Leo: Would Alex be destabilised by your return?

Princess: Would you have the courage to stand up to Miracle, knowing it would create tensions between him and Nina?

Vandora: Would you still use gossip as a strategy?  

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