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Day 5: The Stakes Have Risen

02 February 2018
After last night's loss, stakes have been raised in the House, the plot continues to thicken.
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This glorious morning saw most of the Housemates (Excluding Bitto, K.Brule and Dee-One) making the most of their groove packed, high intensity dance work out. The morning bump and grind left everyone feeling high off all the endorphins which was much needed following the ups and downs of last night.

Task Presentation

In the wake of losing the Task Presentation, the Housemates had a brief discussion in pocketed groups about how they need to be better. Not much seems to keep the Housemates down however, as they were back to their lively spirits in no time.

Big Brother announced to all of the Housemates that Tobi had a secret task to siphon secrets from two Housemates. Tobi had to share what he found with the all of the Housemates, much to BamBam's dismay. Now that all the Housemates know that secret tasks are in play will they put up their guard? 


BamTeddy (Bambam and Teddy A) spoke about their dreams for their future. Teddy A seemed to be listening attentively but one couldn't help wonder if he was truly engaged or playing the game. In his Diary Session he told Big Brother that Bambam was the type of the girl who liked to be listened to 

K_Square (Khloe and K.Brule) had quite an intimate moment as the pair connected over pillow talk. It was quite evident that K.Brule, the self-confessed lover of love, hoped that he and Khloe would be more than just a strategic pair but Khloe kept sure to keep him in the friendzone. 

Tobi and Cee-C, are glued to the hip. They moved their conversation from the bed, to the garden, and then to the kitchen. Being a charismatic, much loved Head of House, Tobi does not have to work too hard to win over the affections of other people. Members of The Black Knight team would have gladly swapped out one of their team members to have Tobi in their team. Cee-C on the other hand is not well-known to other Housemates, could she be jeopardising her team by not making more of an effort to connect with others?

Big Brother asserts his dominance

Big Brother came down hard on the Housemates for their blatant disregard of the House rules. In an eye-brow raising moment, Biggie even told Khloe to hush. This being the season of Double Wahala, could that mean double punishment if they continue to not comply? If so, how much worse could it get?


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