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Day 48: The Grudge Match

17 March 2018
After riding on a winning streak, Bambam suddenly came to a halt brought about by Teddy A.

Sticks and Stones

Riding the wave of success, following her two wins in one day, Bambam unexpectedly found herself cornered by Teddy A in the shower for what turned out to be a rather stormy outburst.  Teddy A lectured her that he didn’t like how she allegedly had been ignoring him, and more, that she should check her emotions.

Towering over her, Teddy A brought back old petty insignificant events to make her understand how angry she had made him. Teddy A felt like she had disrespected him then and he didn’t stop, he threw another grudge at her. According to Teddy A, Bambam had once worn a pair of Ankara shorts gifted to him by his real-life girlfriend. Bambam allegedly went against his advice which Teddy A found totally disrespectful.

Silence is Gold

All the while, in the shower room, Bambam had stayed mum, rapidly flickering her lowered eyelids to indicate she was still listening.  Nonetheless, her face looked visibly hurt as she struggled to contain her emotions. Yet over dinner later, she compliantly sat without a plate in hand beside Teddy A who was gladly downing his food.  It was not clear why Teddy A came down on her so hardly and so suddenly, and in a click of the fingers, broke her spirits and made her look like a like a crumpled piece of paper. While others were hanging out in the kitchen, drinking and joking after dinner, Bambam had crawled into bed, curled up, with eyes shut and called it an early Friday night.

Could it be that Teddy A secretly resented her consecutive successes? Did her wins awoken some insecurity inside him? What about Bambam was so threatening? Or was this all part of his game?

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