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Day 47: Will the Extra Time Bring Extra Value?

16 March 2018
Big Brother gave the Housemates extra time to work on their Nokia Duo-Clip Task. Some Housemates took to it immediately, but others focused on other priorities.

Extra Time

Big Brother called the Housemates into the lounge and told them that they have been given an extra hour to finalise their Nokia Duo-Clip Task, and then submit the phones back to the Ninja for Biggie to assess. There was some nervous laughter after Biggie's announcement. The Housemates were concerned when Biggie said he gave them, "a simple Task" as though they have possibly gotten the brief wrong.

Food Fight

Nina immediately turned to Miracle about working on their edits as soon as possible so they can get it right, but Miracle said he wants to eat. But that in turn sparked a bit of a brawl when Teddy A made a comment about rations. It sparked a debate between Nina and Alex around the food usage in the House, and how the HOH Nina listens to their suggestions. The argument escalated and ended up involving Lolu, Rico Swavey (who was more like Alex's yes-man whenever she commented), and of course Miracle, who was on Nina's side... well for the most part.

Priorities Right

In another part of the House, Anto said to Teddy they have to win this Task. She can't take losing out on prizes anymore. She was nervous because she feels that people have really brought their creativity out on this Task. She was impressed by the music that Teddy A put on their own. In the garden, Tobi appreciated Lolu for good work on the Task, and how well they treated their introduction. Cee-C and Bambam on the other hand, chose to focus their energies on doing their make up and fixing themselves up for that perfect selfie or 'bothie'! Anto sat with them for a moment, but she decoded to move on and take a look at other clips by the Housemates. She said she hopes 'Bam-C' have their Task ready and sorted, otherwise they may suffer when it comes to the judgment by Big Brother.

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