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Day 47: Top 10 Diary Confessions

16 March 2018
We've extracted Housemates juiciest confessions to have come out of the Diary Session so far.

The Presence of Absence

1. Nina has regularly mentioned having a boyfriend outside the House, whom she often said she missed. As her on-screen relation with Miracle grew, Nina has also said she hoped her boyfriend and family would forgive her if she’s done anything wrong while in the House.

2. On Valentine’s Day, Miracle who had gotten much closer to Nina, sent a loving message to a Juliet, whom no one knows the affinity to him. Since then, he never mentioned her name again. Who is the Juliet who got a special Valentine’s nod from Miracle?

3. On the same lovers’ day, from Biggie’s Diary Room, Bitto essentially proposed to his waiting girlfriend outside the House.

4. During the first pairing, Teddy A had plotted to give Bambam a lot of attention and would get her to like him as part of his game. A few weeks later, Teddy A also confessed to Biggie that his relationship with BamBam had become real, irrespective of the tensions they both lived vis-à-vis the serious relationships outside the House.

5. Bambam, relayed to Biggie, her frustration with Housemates not wanting her as an HOH and visible reactions of theirs. She said that she felt no one respected her during her HoH tenure.

Growing Pains

6. Angel said he learnt that the baby Task had taught him responsibility and that he was ready to take it to the next step in terms of having a family.

7. Ifu was relieved to be freed from her pairing with Angel whom despite their shared fitness and strong character, she said she couldn't stomach anymore.

8. Leo said he did not have a social life for six years and that his stay in the House was the closest he had been to other people, an opportunity for which he thanked Biggie

9. Ever since the baby Task, Anto confessed she had more appreciation for parents yet was definitely not ready to become one. If anything, it strengthen her desire to win the Prize in order to bring her mother back to Nigeria and set her up for good.

10. As one who has personally experienced the devastation and suffering of his younger autistic cousin, Rico made a desperate plea to Biggie for this social cause that is very close to his heart. Kuddos to him for getting the conversation started.

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