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Day 49: Nokia Duo-Clip Task

17 March 2018
Watch the Housemates Nokia Duo-Clip short films and let us know which movie should win.

The Housemates were handed a Task to create short films in pairs that must be based on specific themes. The short-films must be edited to include "Bothie" scenes. The winning team will be rewarded with N2 million, the Nokia 8 Bothie phones and shopping vouchers.

Road to Tomorrow by Bambam and Cee-C

Theme: Endurance and Courage

This is a story of a lady called Toyin. She suffered internal conflicts, identity crisis and endured many other hurdles before she summoned the courage to embrace her individuality.

She lived all her life trying to please everyone because she felt all she needed was validation. She lived off the validation of her parents, co-workers, lovers, friends and even her enemies for once she never felt fulfilled.

She endured humiliation and was taken advantage of till she fell into depression. All she needed was the right person to tell her the truth. If Toyin lacked nothing, what would she be doing? All Toyin needed to do was take time off everything and everyone else and look within and there it was

Sacrifice for Dreams by Nina and Miracle

Theme of each pair: Love and Passion

This story is about a young boy who has a passion for flying. He spoke to his mom about it and his mom was impressed but then, the issue was funds for his training. The young boy was almost discouraged because of this financial problem but the passion he had for flying was so strong for him to give up.

Because of the love his mom has for him and the determination she saw in him made her go an extra mile by taking a loan from the bank for her son’s flight training. This loan saw her son through his flight training till the final stage which was his final check ride. He ran short of fund ad had to call home. Mom being mom, had to run around to find a way to raise the remaining funds for her son to finish up.

Finally, the young boy finished. He tried calling his mom to give her the good news but her number wasn’t connecting [Number switched off]]. He then had to travel back home. On reaching home, he found out that his mom sacrificed a lot for him to achieve his dream including trading her phone (Nokia 8 Bothie) and her clothes (Wrappers) because there was no other way for him to do his check-ride.

He cried on her shoulder and gradually payed his mom for all she did for him starting with getting her a new phone (Nokia 8 Bothie).

The Big Change by Anto and Teddy A

Theme: Heritage and Legacy

A young man leaves Nigeria in search of greener pastures. Due to his new environment and anger about his past, he abandons his culture and heritage to follow the American way of life. However, while in the U.S.A. he realizes things aren't as rosy as expected and begins to have internal battles.

Years later, the young man hears about the show "Big Brother Naija" and is snapped back to reality. He begins to cherish his heritage again and finds a love for Nigerian music and fashion.

More years later, he moves back to Nigeria to fully launch his music career. Remembering how Big Brother Naija motivated him to get back in touch with his heritage, he decided to audition for the show, and makes it onto the show as a Housemate.

Weeks later, he is amongst the top 10 Housemates remaining, and he is up for possible Eviction. Reminiscing about his experience in the House, he remembers his heritage and legacies of the Housemates who have left before him.

After the Big Brother Naija, the young man wins an award, which he attributes to his heritage and states the legacy he hopes to leave behind when he is done.

Yes We Can by Rico Swavey and Tobi

Theme: Togetherness

In togetherness, ability and power of connectivity, we are able to achieve desired dreams.

This is a short film of cartoon characters where we express the morals and benefits of togetherness and power of connectivity with the use of non-living elements.

With the help of Nokia & Bothie, we will show how a nation of different tribes can come together to achieve a goal that will change their way of life and ensure their collective survival forever.

This quest was a result of the drive and passion of a young tribe member to end the suffering of his people. He engaged and went in search for solutions to end the nutritional deficiency of his people. On his quest he came across several other tribes and the only unique thing about all tribes he encountered was the deficiency they all suffered although they were all rich in different distinct nutrients.

He was able to convince the other tribe members he encountered to come together so they could all achieve the goal of ending their deficiencies now and forever. Also, on his quest, he met a tribe with a life changing, state of the art modification to their then means of communication and connectivity which enabled inter-tribe portal of communication amongst the different tribes without previous complications and costs.

Armed with his new findings and eager drive to end the suffering of his people and others, he was able to go across spreading his new findings and was eventually able to convince all tribes to come together and achieve the goal which will ensure their survival forever.

Hence the “stir fry noodles” were created. The lasting solution to the suffering of all tribes. They lived happily ever after having achieved their common goal and living with a better means of of connecting which leaves room for more development and better times to come.

Plug by Alex and Lolu

Theme: Durability and Strength

A young lady tries several times and fails to find a solution to get maximum strength and durability.

In this short film, she goes through difficulty and eventually loses some of her belongings. In the first instance, she loses a pair of shoes and complains to her uncle. She goes ahead to lose her phone after it falls and breaks. To think her misfortunes will soon end, she again loses her sponge and her apartment starts to peel.

All these are indicative of the day to day struggle of a young lady that doesn’t make strength and durability an important quality to look out for. At every time she lost something, her uncle always emphasized on the need to find strength and durability. One day, in what seems like a twist of fate, uncle’s phone falls and young lady starts to laugh hard. To her surprise, uncle’s phone isn’t spoilt. He can again reiterates the need for strength and durability. He also shows off his Nokia 8 & Bothie.

Let us know in the comments section below which movie you believe should win.

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