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Day 45: Top 10 Wahala Fights

14 March 2018
The Housemates have thrown jabs at each other and these are the ones that are worthy of the coveted Top Ten list.
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It looks like the 'total peace' and the ‘live and let live’ philosophies are nothing my idealistic and are goals too high to reach. When dealing with larger than life egos, we’re bound to see a lot of clashes and air punches directed at the offenders. Here are the top ten moments that we could bet on a few punches coming out of the House.

Ifu Ennada VS Nina

10. Ifu Ennada tried to throw shade at Nina for an incident that had happened earlier but Nina wouldn’t have it. She too threw jabs at her and downright called her stupid. If words were stones, we’d have broken bones.

Silly Who?

9. We never knew she had in her but she flaunted hard. Ahneeka disapproved of being referred to as silly by Teddy A and as expected, didn’t swallow it. She called him out, insults and all. She was basically ready to to chest bump it out with him and prove to the rest of the Housemates that she wasn't the ball of timidity they all made her out to be. 

Carrots at Stick Fight

8. Again, Ifu Ennada pressed the wrong buttons and activated Cee-C’s anger by calling her insecure. Things escalated from zero to a hundred real quick when Cee-C threw a couple of daring statements. Although Ifu took it lightly, Cee-C wasn’t having it. Blows.

Bored and Bound

7. On top of having to deal with the woes of being forcefully bound to the hip, the Housemates had to deal with their foes. Dee-One wanted to laze around in bed and Nina just wasn’t about it. They had a verbal duel and it got heated.

You Want A Piece of Me?

6. We should compile an independent top 10 list of IFu Ennada because she’s topping this one. During the Roc Da Mat Challenge, Rico playfully hid Ifu’s cap and like a pot of over boiled Fufu, she went ‘overflow’ on Rico and judging by her body language, she was ready for a challenge. Spicy!

Reciprocated Beef

5. This one looked playful but the shots fire weren’t. After having accused Tobi of being inappropriate with his touching, Cee-C was now at the receiving end as Tobi accused her of touching him down low. Body bumping and shouting, it was wild.

FaithfuL Soldier

4. Being woken up just for the sake of it didn’t slide down well for Dee-One, he came at the HoH but Angel took up his armour and defended the throne, demanding that Dee-One set himself straight and obey. Let’s just say there were capital Fs thrown all over the show.

No You Didn't

3. It all started when Alex used Cee-C bedsheet to wipe her glasses and it escalated to a full blown argument. Cee-C thought the Alex was being rude and tried to retaliate. Just a meter and a couple of Biggie’s rules apart, the two fire balls went at each other and it was a total explosion. Big bang theory. No, big bang practical.

Mind Your Own Business

2. On this day, Miracle was all about defending ‘Mina’s’ honour while Leo was simply about his own. They had a heated argument about Leo trying to force his two cents into their relationship. This seems to have brought the two boys further apart. Grudges!

Parnered Foes

1. We can literally refer to this fight as ‘relay’ because Cee-C snatched her fury from Ifu Ennada and threw in on her then partner Lolu real quick, burning his ego in the process. They gave a shouting parade and it was so heated that no one could successfully mediate. If people could be awarded for throwing shade, this here is the big winner.

It’s only halfway through the season, with the stakes having risen, we’re bound to see more claws being sharpened and insults hurled. We hope that those moments too will be worthy of a count down. 

Anto, Cee-C, Lolu, Bambam, Tobi, Alex, Teddy A and Miracle are up for Eviction. Vote for your favourite pair here or via SMS. Voting closes on Thursday 8 March at 21:00 WAT.  Big Brother Naija is proudly sponsored by Payporte, and is available on all DStv packages, and on GOtv Max and GOtv Plus. For more information on Big Brother Double Wahala follow us on YouTubeInstagramTwitter and Facebook.