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Day 45: Mixing Business With Pleasure

14 March 2018
Late last night saw the Housemates having some fun while they work.
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With the Nokia Task in full swing and the hunger games pressing on, the Housemates have a mountain to endure and although there seems to be an air of ease, tempers are boiling and we're yet to the Housemates steaming.

Tobi's Trouble

Tobi and Cee-C spent most of the evening after the Diary sessions chilling together, Tobi was highly perturbed that he has not had a Diary session. This could be the reason why he was so agitated and seemed to care very  little about what Cee-C had to say about them not being on speaking terms. True to the usual, good ol' Cee-C pressed onto the issue by asking Tobi how he was in general and he warmed up slightly, confronting her about her somewhat flirtatious behaviour with Rico Swavey. His jealousy was as clear as day. His mood remained in the down low though; the price paid when Biggie's rules aren’t followed we guess.

Task Behaviour

After Diary sessions were over, all the Housemates spent the rest of evening preparing for their Nokia Task and trying to come up with sound concepts. This helped Alex get her mind off of Leo and both Rico Swavey and the alcohol definitely helped lighten her mood as he seems to have taken it upon himself to tuck her in, slowly trying to fill Leo's shoes, maybe. Thanks to the liquid courage, the general mood in the House was as feather light.

Cute Couples

The rest of the night saw many of the resident couples getting close and cute. From BamBam and Teddy A cuddling in early as well as the on again off again Lolu and Anto doing the most. Miracle and Nina were as loved up as usual; 'couch potatoeing', sharing drinks and giggling endlessly. Exhaustion took a hold of all of them and just like that, the House went silent.

The morning brought very little to no drama but we're certain of the internal wars waged by their inner lazies against their more sensible and health conscious sides. As per usual, they dragged their feet to the Arena where they stretched it out, clearly out of it. The post-workout conversation varied from the Task to their lives outside the House and back again. While some Housemates tried to eliminate the 'poverty' stench by inventing soup dishes and working the pot for the last of the stew, the others snoozed the morning away.

Anto, Cee-C, Lolu, Bambam, Tobi, Alex, Teddy A and Miracle are up for Eviction. Vote for your favourite pair here or via SMS. Voting closes on Thursday 8 March at 21:00 WAT.  Big Brother Naija is proudly sponsored by Payporte, and is available on all DStv packages, and on GOtv Max and GOtv Plus. For more information on Big Brother Double Wahala follow us on YouTubeInstagramTwitter and Facebook.