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Day 44: Tic Tac Toe

13 March 2018
Biggie introduced more twists and turns that left the Housemates rather disorientated.

The Housemates were given much to swallow and just like us, were left with their jaws sweeping the floor. Later, Miracle and Tobi started a table tennis game in the Dressing Room, using the table as a board. Miracle won the game and the two friends went to their respective bedrooms.

Take a Licking but Keep on Ticking

Surprisingly, Cee-C woke up and joined Teddy A in the Dressing Room, Alex also joined them where they all exchanged tips on how to grow a bigger bum. Alex said her mum will understand her feelings for Leo but her dad may not while Cee-C said her Dad will be quite surprised as he had never seen her with a man.

In this relaxed mood, Teddy A took a jab at Alex for breaking the crying record the night before, which Alex simply brushed aside, calling Cee-C a troublemaker instead. Cee-C was quick to reject the label, and claimed that she didn’t know how to pretend for her emotions were always visible on her face. In a slip of the tongue, Cee-C contradicted herself by saying that although she fronted a sourpuss, it didn’t mean she was angry. Alex owned it that she was just noisy and not a troublemaker. In a tit for tat, Cee-C called Alex a handful, to which Alex replied that she was a bucketful.

What Makes One Tick

The one thing both ladies concurred on was that Tobi was a troublemaker, in opposition to Leo who had left a clean slate in his wake. He had never had a beef with anyone in the House, was a disciplined person and warmly distributed hugs as he left.  Teddy A left the girls in the Dressing Room while they continued to talk about their personalities and for the first time, actually listened to each other speak.

Miracle and Nina had a late night conversation about their disagreement. Miracle said Nina, like most ladies, gets angry about irrelevant things. He kept hushing her whenever she tried to interrupt him but they eventually reached an agreement when she thanked him for his correction and said she’ll work on her aggression and give him feedback before chuckling as only Nina would do.

Biggie woke the House up just after 7am and they lazily dragged themselves into the Arena.


Anto, Cee-C, Lolu, Bambam, Tobi, Alex, Teddy A and Miracle are up for Eviction. Vote for your favourite pair here or via SMS. Voting closes on Thursday 8 March at 21:00 WAT.  Big Brother Naija is proudly sponsored by Payporte, and is available on all DStv packages, and on GOtv Max and GOtv Plus. For more information on Big Brother Double Wahala follow us on YouTubeInstagramTwitter and Facebook.