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Day 34: I Want You, I Want You Not!

03 March 2018
Lolu seems to be very much into Anto but she keeps shutting him out with empty hope.

Lolu has been courting Anto for Bridget knows how long and the girl doesn’t seem to have buttons to press. The oga did get away with a kiss but we can’t say much about it as it seems she was giving Lolu the white flag.

A Stain of Hope

If the feelings between these two were a portrait, Anto’s would be without shape or form, a genesis to absolutely nothing. Lolu doesn’t see it that way though because his advances have been met with a residue of hope. When Ebuka asked Anto about her relationship with Lolu, she dully gave a somewhat positive answer, saying that something could happen. Like a napkin stained by egusi and yam residue, Anto’s paper light hope marked Lolu, again.

Not Happening 

The most interesting part of this love limbo was definitely yesterday’s ‘bedtime gist’. Lolu brought out his feather-soft guns and hoped to get a reaction out of Anto but with the amount of shade she threw, it’s a good thing the sun had long set. He asked if there was any hope at all of them becoming a thing; explaining just how uneasy uncertainty leaves him. Anto seems to have filed and archived all the responses she would need to brush Lolu off because she quickly pulled out her classic ‘eggs in basket’ response. To further elaborate her lowkey rejection, she told him that she was and we quote “… one for all and all for none”, also mentioning that he had competition as other hopefuls kept sending her their resumes and sooner or later, she would respond because ‘someone’ kept directing her to look at ‘other options’. Lolu was definitely interested in finding out who those hopefuls were but Anto wouldn’t budge, she simply told him that she couldn’t reveal who it was and encouraged him to keep fighting. Air punching invisible player 2 maybe?

To serve it plainly with a dash of assumption, Anto is not into Lolu, at least not in ‘that’ way but, should he survive tomorrow’s chopping board, Anto would have to replenish her excuse archive because it doesn’t look like he’s giving up anytime soon.     

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