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Day 43: Toned-Down Tobi

12 March 2018
Unshackled from his paring with Alex, what’s Tobi’s game going to be now?

The thrice winner of the Head of House title, Tobi has been slow to embody his promise of bringing lots of fun to the BBNaija House. He seem to still be riding on the wave of his very first appointment as Head of House and hasn’t gone out of his way to ginger things up.

Beating Around The Bush

When Cee-C volunteered to be his co-regent during the first week, it was his friend and foe that he had unknowingly attracted. Tobi seemed to be as equally annoyed by her constant drama as irresistibly drawn to all that she is, flaws and all. Cee-C and Tobi have had their share of shouting matches in the House, to Housemates greatest exasperation. After all, there was only so much prodding that Cee-C could do to get him to woo the House.

Yet at first, just like Angel, Tobi was despised for his coarse and insensible handling of the different personalities in the House. He was buff and displayed bullying tendencies when he very early on and publicly said he couldn’t understand how a man could look like the lithe Lolu. His military-style workout mania also didn’t win him any friends, as Ifu complained that he enjoyed making people feeling bad.

Rolling In Clover

As much as he saw eye-to-eye with Angel, Tobi dreaded Teddy A, whom he saw as serious competition and Nominated him for Eviction at the first chance. It’s only very recently that Tobi seem to have stricken a friendship with Miracle, but only after the latter had also won the Head of House title. Of late, Tobi has started consulting with Anto, who had left him at loss for words until then. With the pairing with Alex dismantled, it remains to be seen whether Tobi will get out of his leisurely and complacent ways in the House.

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