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Day 43: It’s Still A Game

12 March 2018
The formation of friendships in the House will be the downfall for other Housemates.

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Seven weeks ago we were introduced to twenty highly energetic individuals whose sole purpose for entering the Big Brother House was to win the grand prize.

Sadly, as time went and bonds were formed, the Housemates lost track of the reason why they entered the competition.

Uncontrollable Weeping

When Lifu (Ifu Ennada and Leo)  was evicted last night, we saw Alex crying as if the world was coming to an end. As she explains herself ‘Leo was the only person who understood me in this House.’ It’s not the first time she wept for an Evicted Housemate. With Van-Dee (Vandora and Dee-One) it was the same story.

More Cries To Come?

As of today, the Housemates’ pairing will be dissolved and they will be contesting the prize as they got into the House individually.

However, with all the feelings flying around in the House, legit or not, we are yet to see more cries.

When asked by Ebuka last night, Nina admitted that, initially the prize was her main priority but over the weeks all that has changed. Miracle on the other hand has his eyes on the prize.

BamBam, even though she and Teddy A have a ‘mutual agreement’ it’s clear she cares deeply for him. It will be interesting to see how she plays the game going forward.

It’s all good and well that they have found friendships and more in the House, but is it worth compromising the initial goal?

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