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Day 42: Let's Play a Game

11 March 2018
Tonight the dynamic will change again let's play a game to see what will happen.

Let's create a hypothetical situation in the Big Brother House, in each situation we will imagine what will happen given each Nominated pair's Eviction.


What will happen if the resident cry baby has to leave the House? Who will be the one to shed tears in the House or get emotional over things that most people find rather bizarre? There will also have to be a replacement as Leo's constant shadow.

Ifu Ennada

The Double Wahala wild child has a knack for being fiercely independent and saying things without fear, especially to the other Housemates. Who will pass snide comments to the other Housemates about their "relationships" in the House or help Rico clean up his puke?


The good guy/ peacemaker in the House, who will ever be able to take his place? Who will defuse all the altercations involving Cee-C or drown Anto in adoration and compliments?


There is no doubt that Leo is definitely the most ambitious of the Housemates so who will be the one to chew off the other Housemates ears about business opportunities or regale them with his tales of success? Not to mention the name dropping where he can.


It will be difficult to think of who could take her place in the House, who would be there to argue with Tobi EVERY Saturday night, cause chaos with the likes of Alex and Ifu or be there to look at herself in ALL the mirrors in the House? 


The young and sensitive Housemate is most definitely a lover and not a fighter, except when it comes to fly boy, Miracle. Who will be there to call him out for any issues involving food or tell him that he doesn’t know how to show respect? 


Never one to shy away from a tenuous situation, who will ever be able to replace the catalyst of contention for Cee-C or the House in general? Who will be there to crack jokes with Anto and make Lolu jealous.


Resident pretty boy and lover to Nina will also be hard to replace. Who will rep his pilot shirt at every Live Show argue only to make-up with Nina every other day? Who would always act oblivious to contentious situations? Every House needs a proverbial Switzerland?


The straight talking, strategic and enigmatic guy's girl makes no secret about the fact that she is not in the House to catch feelings - Who will be there to give all the Housemates a rather hearty dose of reality, act as a psychologist/mediator or be Lolu's ultimate crush? 

All the Housemates have such different characters and have stolen a special spot in our hearts so it will be hard to see any of them go. Tune in tonight to see what the verdict is.

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