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Day 42: Game Of Hearts

11 March 2018
Even after bidding farewell to their own, the Housemates don't seem invested in their games.

As per usual, the Housemates gathered in the lounge, awaiting the Live Show and fully aware of the fact that they would have to say goodbye to two of their own; or so it seemed because it looks like some Housemates still don’t get the fact that this is a game and there’s bound to be Evictions.

What's The Target

During the Live Show, Ebuka asked the Housemates, particularly the romantically involved about how they felt and what their priorities were. Teddy A’s response was a slight beating around the bush but he made it quite clear in not so many words that his and Bambam’s was an ‘in-house thing’ and therefore couldn’t predict what would happen outside. Bambam’s silent reaction gave her away a little bit. It seemed as though she was disappointed by his bluntness and wanted more out of their ‘situationship’. Nina on the other hand labelled Miracle as ‘one’ of her priorities and made it clear that she still had her eye on the prize, ‘still’. Alex, was hysterical about Leo’s exit; more than the Evictee himself. Besides the fact that he had been open and honest about their ‘friendship’, Alex still felt that he understood her the most and therefore deserved to take centre stage, while completely throwing off her game.

Ghost Plans

Looking at the Housemates’ overall behaviour during the week, it’s obvious that the Eviction scare was to them a mere legend; a story passed on to them in scroll form by those who’d experienced it first-hand. A story narrated with much detail but still had no effect on them, at least not the desired one. We can’t say whether the Housemates have decided to play their games neutrally and take each day as it comes or there is a general lack of strategy. Moreover, there seems to be an air of relaxation as the Housemates seem to have thrown away the competitive armours, if they had any.

Yet another pair has gone and with the solo games coming, no one Housemate’s slack can be blamed on another. This is a game and the sooner the Housemates realise this and treat it as such, the better. Whether they’ll wake up from their slumber and finally aim much higher than just dodging the bullet or keep the  river as dry as it is; time will tell.

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