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Day 41: Getting Jiggy With Biggie

09 March 2018
In one swoop, Biggie took from and gave to Housemates punches, laughters and cramps.

Housemates have discovered that everyone had entered Biggie’s House at their own emotional risks.  Six weeks into the season, families, friends and freedom have started to be missed, so much so that if it wasn’t for Biggie’s constantly keeping them on their toes, some Housemates would have had a much harder time. While the bonding and reshuffling of pairs has tightened relations, even the tomcats of the crowd have started cracking.

Double A

To lighten up the mood, and simply because that’s how she rolls, Alex chose to shake the tension away, and got everyone to follow her freestyle dancing.  Eventually it turned out into some kind of group dance therapy, the likes of which offered a much welcome relief valve.  As for Anto it came out that she was as loved as feared by her peers. Earning the love was no small feat, with the amount of Double Wahala available, but earning the fear has come in the same package and inseparable from Anto’s legendary mystery.

Winning and Losing 

Just when Housemates loss another wager, and were still reconciling with the news mentally, Biggie boosted their morale by announcing that Team Blue had won the Presentation and secured mentorship, seed money and much more to help it develop its app.   No matter what, one ought to sit tight, and buckle up because one got to get jiggy with Biggie!

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