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Day 40: The Anto Effect

09 March 2018
If there is one unscrutable Housemate, it is Anto whose game remain shrouded in mystery.

Ante Up

With her delicate frame, Anto entered the House on a bouncing stride, looking all pretty, smiley and most particularly guarded.  By virtue of being the only US-born Nigerian in the cohort - and the only spectacled Housemate - she stood out like a sore thumb. Yet she turned what may have appeared like a flaw in her favour. Not only was she fit and sporty, with a clear complexion and general sparkle for life, Anto oozed comfort in her skin, in who she is and in her ability to lead herself.  She never claimed to be other than who she is, a poised, sharp and confident woman.  

She Rules

Housemates have discovered that Anto’s doe eyes covered a fiercely clever personality. From the get go, Anto brushed any male advances aside, taking males down a peg. Without a word, Anto made it known that she wouldn’t entertain anyone’s fantasies, male or female, for she had come to win the ₦ 45 million prize. Regardless, she blended in nicely in the crowd, never loud yet unmissable. Likewise Housemates reciprocated the chill by keeping a respectable distance from Anto. It’s not that they didn’t like her, it’s just that they sensed she simply was not in their little worlds: the guys quickly got to grips with the fact that they stood zero chance for they were not her type at all. As for the girls, they agreed quickly Anto was out of their league, as she was not of the clingy or moody type like some had been, and respected her like an older wiser sister whose long, healthy natural hair they envied.

What's My Name?

Yet Anto’s mystery remains solid. While she’s not shy of telling it like it is and sprinkle a few scathing remarks when necessary, no one has really pierced her secrets. No one except perhaps Lolu, her cerebral male alter-ego with whom she has formed a symbiotic pair. These two are so comfortable with each other that they look into each other’s eyes, whisper in each other’s ears, walk arm in arm and sweet-talk themselves to sleep. While Lolu is the clingiest of all, of late, ever since her pairing with Miracle, Anto has made a new ally in the House. She’s been happier to have another source of companionship in the House for they are on the same wavelength. They’ve had such a blast during a few Tasks.

So far Anto’s strategy, like all smart people, has been to downplay her credentials. Her excellent listening abilities have allowed her to steadily navigate the Double Wahala House and adapt to her environment.  Yet one cannot ask but wonder who really Anto is.

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