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Day 39: Consciousness and Love

08 March 2018
From cleaning up garbage to imitating their moms, tonight's Task was all encompassing.

Tonight’s Task presentation was all encompassing, it really was an eye opener and included different facets of social consciousness, familiarity and love.

The Big Clean up

Obviously this week was all about conservation and environmentalism and Biggie made sure the Housemates didn’t forget it. As they all entered the Arena, dolled up and ready for the debate, they walked into a sea of garbage and were told to pick it all up. Biggie also tied the Housemates together and make them wear diving gear and if that was not difficult enough, they had to put the rubbish into the correct recyclable bins. It was hysterical to watch them try and navigate their way around but with a healthy dose of team work, they had everything spick and span in no time.


It was only after some of the Housemates were made to collect samples of contaminated water that the actual debate began. There were a few Housemates that were slacking as they just brought their study material to the podium but there were others, like Ifu Ennada, Anto, Rico, Leo and Teddy A who took to this challenge like a duck to water. Teddy A was ever the charismatic host and Leo looked like he was born to speak in public. Both sides made some valid points and everyone worked well together. Lolu got a bit too ahead of himself though and went over time far too much but in the end everyone got their message across. The information that was expressed was both interesting and awakening, giving insight into a topic that many people ignore.


While the host and all the speakers were all in accordance, the three judges, Alex, Cee-C and Nina were lacking significantly in both their effort and engagement in the Task. Biggie addressed them straight and told them that their questions were weak.

A Mother’s Love

The last part of the Task presentation was an imitation. All the Housemates were asked to imitate a women in their life and tell everyone something about that woman that inspires them. Either the Housemates just had their mothers on the brain or they were confused but each and every single one of them chose their moms. Miracle sang a song and then the rest followed suit with stories. Leo’s tale was emotional, as was Cee-C’s and Teddy A had everyone in stitches with his.

After all was said and done, Biggie told the Housemates that they would have to find out tomorrow if they won the Wager.

Tonight presented a whole new side to the Housemates, one of seriousness and emotional intimacy on an intellectual level – Who impressed you the most?

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