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Day 35: Will it Ever Stop?

04 March 2018
Last night was yet another dramatic scene from Cee-C and Tobi.

Stealing the Spotlight

It’s becoming a norm that every Saturday after the party in the House, Cee-C and Tobi are the one who always steal the spotlight. Week in week out it’s an emotional rollercoaster with these two and they take everyone else with them. Last night was no different but this time it was more intense with Cee-C issuing threats and throwing swear words at Tobi.

Eviction Anxiety

The realisation the she could be evicted this evening slowly sank in and made her angry towards the person who’s put her in that position in the first place. However, her anger didn’t seem to faze Tobi, his level of intoxication wouldn’t allow it. As angry as Cee-C was, to Tobi this was all a joke. He did mention to her though, that any day and anytime, it’s the game that comes before any other Housemate and it doesn’t matter if your name is Cee-C. In a nutshell, he basically told her to stop seeing herself as more important than everyone else.

No New Friends

They kept coming back and forth trying to be civil with each other, but the ironed out certain issues with Cee-C was very clear. Having said that she was feeling miserable this past week and the possibility of her leaving becoming a reality, Cee-C told Tobi that if she does go things will never be the same for her and him. She emphasised that they’re no longer anything else but Housemates, not even friends.

Walking Contradiction

It’s no doubt that they do like each other but they’re playing hide and seek. They both do things and say things and the end of the day contradict themselves. By the time they went to sleep, it was all love in paradise.

What will be next for the endless emotional roller coaster of Tobi and Cee-C?

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