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Day 35: Ceelo's Stormy Alliance

04 March 2018
Cee-C and Lolu have formed a bizarre bond through all the drama.

The pairing of Cee-C and Lolu started out as rocky and super problematic but has since grown into a rather strange, strategic camaraderie.

About Last Night

Lolu has always worn his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Anto and it is no secret that Cee-C has strong feelings for Tobi but last night revealed a melting pot with all four Housemates combined. Anto and Tobi have always gotten along and last night, during Cee-C and Tobi’s classic Saturday night argument, Tobi lay in the bed next to Anto to talk while Lolu comforted Cee-C. This clearly perturbed Lolu and he walked into the room asking Tobi to please go to Cee-C as Tobi replied “I will go in my own time” Lolu was panic stricken. Only minutes later Cee-C literally came into the room and physically removed Tobi from the bed.

Same Same but Different

Even though Ceelo had issues because they felt misunderstood by one another the fact is that the two Housemates are actually very similar and are currently in very similar situations romantically. Both Cee-C and Lolu seem to be fighting for the attention of partners that are interested but not that interested in them. Tobi and Cee-C’s situation has been this way for a while but Lolu has recently found himself in a bind with Anto.

Love Dilemma

At the start of the show, Tobi was smitten with Cee-C who chose to play games and string him along until he grew tired and lost interest. This in turn caused her to start running after him and now she finds herself constantly seeking his affection. Lolu has been up front with Anto from the beginning about how he feels for her but she has told him straight that this is a game and she can’t be taking anything seriously. Anto has said that she “can’t even trust herself” and how she acts in the House. Just like Cee-C, Lolu does not seem to be taking no for an answer though.

What is your take on Ceelo’s alliance?

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