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Day 32: Quarrels, Rhythms and Romance

01 March 2018
There was more Double Wahala than usual in the House.

Today's day brought a bit more drama than usual. Between trying to figure their individual games out and joining their efforts towards the Pepsi Roc Da Mat Task, their tries seem to be met by challenged far beyond their control.

Ever since the prizes have been announced, the Housemates seem to have placed the Roc Da Mat Task so close to their hearts that they forgot about the criteria Biggie uses to judge their Wager, mind you they were all reminded of this during their Diary sessions. As signs of heeding to that, the Housemates had a few Wager Task ironing sessions throughout the day. 

Yet another silent but deadly bomb was activated and eventually detonated when an argument about the mats and people's scores arose. Some Housemates felt that Tobi's suggestion to synchronise the efforts and the sharing of the mats was unfair to those fought hard to accumulate close to winning points. It was Miracle in particular that highlighted just what a free reign they were giving to the team with the lowest tally. Cee-C felt that this was a direct attack to her and Lolu as they had the lowest points; this fiery talk turned into a full blown argument that led Cee-C to separating herself from the rest and finding solace in her own company. Lolu tried to calm her down by reminding her of their two strikes but the rebel in her couldn’t let it slide, she yelled at him and sent him away. This whole thing then turned into a Ceelo fight, one more.

The highlight of the day however should be given to Tobi for his efforts at being a romantic. As a symbol apology, he set up a little meal for him and Cee-C out in the moonlight and they both enjoyed this occasion.  

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