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Day 32: Let The Music Play

01 March 2018
Biggie’s Roc Da Mat treasure chest revealed instruments but no guitar for Angel.

While my guitar gently weeps

A surprised Angel was struck to discover that the trinket box left by Biggie for the Roc Da Mat challenge was filled with all sorts of ornaments, tools and even instruments.  Ever since a Ninja took his guitar away, Angel has been slightly out-of-balance for it was his very own comforter in this strangers House. Besides, he was using it to deflate tensions and also win some graces for like a magnet, his guitar irresistibly brought Housemates together into blending their harmonious voices. Sure the guitar was no Housemate but it deserved a role of its own for being able to pacify the high-strung Double Wahala spirits.

The Magical Flute

While rummaging through the box, Leo dug a flute out of the colourful mishmash and immediately stood aside to blow into it at the top of his lungs. His face had lit up, like that of a little boy who had found his precious toy. Leo was clearly enjoying the moment. He started playing the first notes of ‘Arise, O Compatriots’, Nigeria’s national anthem before taking a deep breath and going full-on the entire anthem.  Meanwhile Housemates were so absorbed by their own individual tasks and talks that no one even noticed Leo’s musical talents.

The Musician's Curse

No one, except Teddy A the rapper and musician, who had pulled a tambourine out of Biggie’s toolbox.  Teddy A shook the tambourine up in air and walked from the lounge to the bedroom, while firmly eyeing the flute Leo was using. When Leo put the instrument down, Teddy A jumped at the occasion and grabbed it too. The only trouble was that he did not know how to play the flute, and instead kept making discordant sounds. Like Leo, Teddy A was also reluctant to let the flute down, as he paraded with it around the House happily spreading the cacophony in the air without anyone raising an eyebrow over it. There is a saying that music sounds different to the one who plays, that it is the musician's curse.

Do you agree that it applies to Teddy A? 

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