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Day 32: It Takes Two To Tango

01 March 2018
To everyone’s surprise, Miracle and Anto’s relationship extended beyond their Head of House rule.

A Tango Named Mito

Anto and Miracle’s pairing nicknamed ‘Mito’ has been going from strength to strength, following their first partnerships as Head of House. At first this pairing seemed quite odd from Biggie, considering that almost the entire House had accused Miracle of enjoying being silently selfish. Not only was Miracle’s conspicuous muteness the more doubtful for it seemed that the only person he freely engaged with was Nina. Well that is if staring into her eyes and kissing as often as possible counted as ‘engagement’.  Other than that, one could count on one hand the number of times Miracle had talked. 

The Mina Wahala

To many, Biggie’s pairing Mito created a rift in the first official couple of the House Mina (Nina and Miracle). This assumption proved itself to be true for Miracle and Nina suddenly started bickering around, although they always remained within eye contact distance from each other. Like during the infamous Planned Parenthood week, when as the new Head of House, Miracle abandoned Anto to go help Nina look after her baby doll. Regardless, Anto didn’t seem to be offended by Miracle’s attitude as she lived up to her role of second command in charge during their Head of House rule.

The Loto Motto 

Previously paired with Lolu under the ‘Loto’ nickname, while Anto kept herself together, it is Lolu who seemed to suffer the most from being reshuffled and stuck with Cee-C of all Housemates. Therefore it came as no surprise that he was the one who initiated a kiss with Anto, but she kept all her cool, and never flinched. Given how Anto and Miracle have taken up to each other, how well they are rolling together and how synched their Roc Da Mat moves are, one cannot help but agree that Biggie’s reshuffle undeniably sparked things up in the Double Wahala House.

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