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Day 31: See High, Ceelo

28 February 2018
We take at look at Ceelo's not so humble beginnings and how they've managed to pull through.

Here’s a reminder, lest we forget the show’s tagline, Double Wahala. Without fail and within a short period of time, Ceelo has managed to remind us that multiple folds of drama can in fact be found in one place, the Big Brother House?

Lolu, Then and Now

Lolu, an ex-constituent of Loto has had his fair share of drama and seems to have come out stronger and more resilient. According to the signals he’s given, his and Anto’s was not just strategic pairing, the girl was literally his muse; so much so that even through Biggie’s reshuffles, his eye’s gaze has never wondered away from her. We were introduced to his emotional side when his name was mentioned by DJ Xclusive during the Saturday night turn up and further explored his softness and fragility when he spoke of his mom and upbringing. The screams and hurling of insults pretty much began when he was initially paired with Cee-C and it seems to be spiralling out of control.

Cee-C's Royal Beginnings

Cee-C has been the centre of controversy for a while now. Initially paired with Tobi and having enjoyed the HoH luxuries for a good two weeks. Her gaming approach was somewhat confusing and had the other Housemates thinking that she placed herself on a pedestal too high and felt they were all commoners. This brings us to the question of personality dynamics; it seems as though the other Housemates simply judged her without actually getting to know her. After much self-containment, she finally let out a more emotional and longing side to herself. In her own way, she finally reciprocated Tobi’s feelings and although that didn’t end so well, he seems to still see the softness in her, which really does exist. Afterall, the more responsive, the more sensitive. She’s simply a caterpillar that needs to be allowed to bloom into a butterfly.

Ceelo Wars

The two have completely different personalities and seem to be totally aware of themselves, hence the constant quarrels. None accepts to be completely submerged in the others’ comforts. Today’s explosion stems from various things, Lolu constantly warning Cee-C to keep to herself and avoid being too explosive; while she feels that even though in a partnership, they should still strive on free masonry. Ultimately, this is what the show is about; interactions between people of different backgrounds and schools of thought. The drama is just a bread crumb from the main table. If this is their strategy, it certainly is raising a lot of eyebrows. Will they survive the chopping board and avoid wanting to literally chop each other?   

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