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Day 31: Rocking, Rolling and Riding

28 February 2018
On the third day of the Roc Da Mat challenge, Biggie surprised Housemates with a few soft presents.

Biggie gathered Housemates in the Lounge to give them further instructions for the third part of the Roc Da Mat challenge.

Housemates were already aware that they were still expected to dance to the seven songs they had been assigned. However Biggie introduced a slight twist in that he would now be playing similar songs into the House, very similar tunes but not the right songs, and just to push Housemates a little bit further.  The caveat this time is that any Housemate caught dancing to the wrong song, that is a song not on their tracklist would have a point deducted.

As fate has it, Cee-C was the first casualty of the game for she rushed onto the mat when Tekno’s tune ‘Green Light’ and not ‘Pana’ belted out the speakers. Sadly for Lolu, this meant that their pair Ceelo lost another point – in addition to the strikes they’ve jointly received. Yet Biggie was in a lenient mood for he conceded that having Anto and Leo enact their Punishment today would hinder their participation in the challenge. To allow them to fully focus on their Task, Biggie postponed the Punishment to Friday, a news greeted with broad smiles by Housemates.

When the first Ninja emerged out of the elevator, Housemates knew it was time to open the fourth box. Biggie appointed Teddy A to go pick the key from the Ninja's basket. He swiftly entered the glass room to open the corresponding box, that to everyone’s surprise contained a ₦2.5 million reward for the pair that would win the weekly challenge. Later a second Ninja walked into the Lounge, and this time it was Ifu Ennada who had the privilege of unlocking the box only to be slightly deceived by its Punishment of barking, begging and behaving like a dog

As of today, Ifu Ennda and Leo (Lifu) together with Tobi and Alex (Tolx) are leading the game with five points, while Teddy A and Nina are at the bottom.

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