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Day 31: Gelling Like Gelah

28 February 2018
Snapshot on Ahneeka and Angel (Gelah) one of the most captivating pair in the House.  

When Ahneeka walked into the House, she let her million dollar smile that radiates for miles around do the talking.  As days went by, the beautiful and talented Ahneeka added credence to the beauty and brains motto. While she can hold down a drink very seriously and is a major competition in the twerking territory, there is far more than meets the eye to Ahneeka.

Ravenously Rihneeka

More than the beauty and sex-appeal, she has been the brainpowers behind her two partnerships so far.  First when she was paired with Rico Swavey as Rineeka, it didn’t take long for her partner to be tortured by the constant drooling over her. She on the other hand quickly cooled off any fantasies he was starting to entertain, for Rico was more like a little brother to him than a serious contender. She had come for the prize and nothing would veer her off her track.

Genially Gelah

While at first the logic behind Biggie’s next pairing her with Angel wasn’t immediately clear, it has ultimately proven to be a perfect match. Ahneeka and Angel offer a fantastic combination of wits, ease and ooze confidence. Like with Rico, Ahneeka is the silent leading member of the pair, never enforcing her opinion, softly guiding her mate into her own strategy. Unlike anyone else in the House, she managed to placate Angel’s bragging tendencies, a trait that has made him come across as socially clumsy. As they spend all the time together, following each other - or rather Angel willingly being led – the inevitable happened and Angel fell for Ahneeka. The perfectly controlled Ahneeka didn’t bat an eyelid. It was business as usual for her, though we suspect that something is cooking between the two of them.

Ahneeka has been curiously coy lately and Angel made no secret that he would want to date someone like her outside the House.

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