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Day 30: Music and Lights

27 February 2018
This week started off to a blast for Housemates despite looming Evictions.

A fresh new week means fresh new things for the Big Brother Niaja Housemates and since the new theme of "Art and Music" was announnced, there has definitely been some shifts in energy and dynamic.


In celebration of Nigerian art and music, Housemates held their first exhibition of the tie-dye fabrics they had been working in the garden area. They seemed genuinely surprised to contemplate the beautiful hues and patterns that came out of the work of their hands. The sheet were made into bed covers and Teddy A and Angel even managed to rock their own hand-dyed t-shirts. Ecstatic Housemates were later seen jumping around for joy, singing and dancing as they plunged into the Pepsi Roc Da Mat challenge, with a VVIP trip to London into the bargain.

Moving On

Ever since Tobi ditched Cee-C after an umpteenth quarrel, it seems that he has got his groove back for he won flat out the Head of House title for the third time. Common wisdom would want one to keep their friends close and enemies closer, but Tobi chose the latter and Nominated Cee-C and her partner Lolu (Ceelo) up for Eviction. As expected, Cee-C was not amused at all when the news of her possible impending exit hit her like a ton of bricks. She has fallen from the pedestal and looked hurt. Although they are also Nominated, Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka) and Lifu (Ifu Ennada and Leo) took the news with a pinch of salt. Why not, after all Big Brother Naija is a game?

Don’t Mess with My Girl

Out of the blue, Miracle who had gotten everyone used to his quiet demeanour, blew off in Leo’s face, accusing him of meddling into his and Nina’s relationship. It was the second time that Leo has kept asking Nina about her relationship for he suggested that Nina has a boyfriend outside the House. Leo wanted to push Nina to admit that she was not a cheater. Given Nina tells Miracle everything, it was not long before an exceeded Miracle confronted Leo and asked him to stay out of their hairs.

It is a game after all

Are you as excited as we are about this Pepsi Roc Da Mat week? Don't miss the Double Wahala. 

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