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Day 28: The House Hustlers

25 February 2018
Rico Swavey and Ifu Ennada bonded over their shared experiences as hustlers.  

While preparing for tonight’s live show, Rico Swavey and Ifu Ennada sat side by side in the unusually quiet lounge. Rico needed to open up to someone and explained that he missed making music, and could not give his best performance during the Task presentation for he had not received sufficient time to rehearse his lyrics.

This Is How We Do It

For Rico Swavey, life was a soundtrack on which as a composer he posed his lyrics on. But he was also aware that there was more to his life than music. He said his appetite for diversifying his activities may distract him from his primary passion. He also shared with Ifu Ennada that earlier in life he had lost all of his music stored on a computer that was stolen. Rico Swavey has since learned the art of better planning every move of his career, something Ifu Ennada strongly agreed with.

Higher and Higher

Recollecting her early career wins, Ifu Ennada regretted not having carefully planned for success. She noted with regrets that not having a plan in place for her first earnings considerably delayed her. She said that passion was not enough and that having the strengths to try again after setbacks was the key to satisfaction. Looking back, Ifu Ennada wished she had a clear plan on how to make the most of the hard-earned money instead of squandering it uselessly.  

From their chat, Rico and Ifu Ennada came closer as they both realised that they were cut in the same hustler material, and had the unshakable resilience that helped them always bounce back.

What part of their conversation did you find most useful? 

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