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Day 28: The Road Leading Nowhere

25 February 2018
Instead of strategically playing the game, some Housemates seem to be blinded by love.

After all is said and done, the ultimate goal is making it further into the game and for the fortunate, eventually lifting the trophy. But it seems like some Housemates are so vested in their emotional ties that they’ve lost sight of the target.

The Proverb

During the live show, Ebuka gave the Housemates some much needed advice about not allowing external forces to throw them off their horses lest they lose their ride to the finish line. It is so unfortunate that some of the emotionally attached Housemates, Alex, Nina and Cee-C to name the most obvious, seem to be so submerged in the puddle of emotion that their reactions have become predictable and consequently, their games too.

Then and Now

At the beginning, all three of the ladies mentioned above seemed very set on the game and had their gazes fixed on the price. For Nina though, the love bug hit her at the speed of light and as the days quickly turned into weeks, she came close to becoming Miracle’s shadow. Cee-C was a bit more resilient and tried to run away from it but the bug caught on to her and hers was a literal nose-first dive into unknown waters. She seems to have fallen so hard for Tobi that it almost had him throw off his game and their on and off romance hasn’t helped her one bit, which makes us wonder if it’s too late for her to try and redeem herself and connect with her fellow Housemates. Alex on the other had made it clear from the beginning that she wasn’t in the game to find love but she seems to have slept on her words as her recent tear episodes were directly related to Leo. Although she managed to dodge the bullet for a while, her fall was quiet shaky. So much so that she confessed her feelings for Leo during the live show and for all to hear.

Where to from here? 

Love is definitely a beautiful thing and falling for the right person definitely only happens once or twice if you’re lucky. The Housemates are human after all and are bound to let loose and well, love. With very little time to regroup and refocus till the next Evictions, this huge appetite for love needs to be curbed and the Housemates need to feast on the game and give the viewer reasons to keep them on their screens until day 85. Whether these tales are meant to be strategic or were simply spontaneous, the show isn’t a love nest. Is it too late for these suckers for love to straighten up and play?

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