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Day 27: The Partygasm

24 February 2018
The Housemates have had three banging parties so far and are ready for the fourth.

Thanks to the Legends liquid courage and Payporte fashion hook up, the Saturday Night parties are always lit and give us much to talk about. We have had three turn ups so far and we’re certainly aching for more.

The First of Many 

As expected, the first party was very much anticipated by both us and the Housemates. Biggie gave them free reign and allowed them to have their outfits reflect their personalities and from there, we got to know some of them better. Thanks to DJ Snipes’ music porm, the party gave an orgasmic feel and had all of us dancing to his beat and begging for more. Alex came out on top and showed that she is royalty when it comes to the dance floor. Kudos to her.

Second but no Less 

So much drama took place during the course of the second week that we didn’t realise how time actually flew. Within the blink of an eye, the second party was underway. True to the Valentine’s Day theme, the Housemates looked Royal ball ready in their tailed gowns and tailored tuxes and to add extra cream to the cake, DJ Exclusive was the President and his melodic orders were simple, dance dance and dance. We couldn’t recognise some of the Housemates as their ‘club alter egos’ took over as if in a trance.

Third is a charm 

In the third week, we were fast in the groove of things and ready to embrace the game in its totality. This time around though, the Housemates were literally shaken by the fact that there would be Eviction just the following day so the party mood was a distracted one. DJ Toy did manage to positively distract the Housemates however and had them showing of their dance moves and their self-inspired Ankara outfits.

Bring on the Fourth 

Fast forward to tonight’s party, the Housemates look hyped and ready to dance the night away. The Governor of tonight’s festivities is none other than DJ Waxxy, another heavy weight jocky that has brought rhythm to many award worthy jams we shakushaku to today. His artistic momentum and rhythmic aura has us all literally tasting the amount of fun that awaits us tonight. Just as we all look forward to the weekend, the traditional Saturday night party is hands down what the Housemates look forward to the most. Besides the fact that they get to see a friendly face from the outside world, they also get to let loose and nail being ‘competitive’ to the wall for a good hour. DJ Waxxy, cook us Sah, we are your jollof rice.    

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